Caravans for Sale WA
Caravans for sale in Western Australia


Caravans for Sale WA

 Fine weather, weekends & holiday  .. just add CARAVAN and have a perfect time.
    My ex neighbors son has been using our old caravan as his bedroom since his parents moved house. He stayed & finished his schooling rather than move schools.  
   The old caravan is now empty. It looks a bit shabby. I can’t help but notice that there are some very nice caravans on the road.

    We used to get away for the weekends frequently. But the kids got bigger!!
Then there were sports in the weekend, and both sons got weekend jobs.
The boys have left home, and it’s all quiet here now.
 Definitely time to buy a new caravan, and once again have the great enjoyment of “getting away for the weekend”.  Furthermore my eldest son is living out of town, so we can visit him almost anytime. Just phone & turn up and stay in the caravan.
          Where do we start looking for a caravan?
We spent an afternoon looking through brand new caravans.
They made our caravan look so shabby.
The new caravans looked so fresh & so modern in design in comparison with our old faithful.
I was attracted to the bigger caravans, they were spacious.. (I just liked them.. but possibly they were also too big for our budget)
   We looked through several motor homes also, but then hastily dismissed the idea of owning one.
We didn’t need two vehicles. We were once used to towing a caravan. We’d just have to get used to towing again. 
 With a caravan; the car was always free to pick up groceries, or just go shopping once the caravan was parked.
     In the comfort of my home I looked at caravans on EBAY - Western Australia.
   There were many caravans listed there.  There were onsite caravans, big caravans, small caravans, new caravans, and second hand caravans. 
The pop top caravans looked interesting..
As I understand it, there is less area to create drag when towing, and apparently when the top is down, some can fit in a garage or under a carport. 
 I read through, and looked through and enlargened almost all the photos on ebay. 
So many different sized caravans, and such different layouts..  They all looked inviting.
   We then looked at private caravan sales..
 Buying second hand to me meant we could buy a cheap caravan that would be more spacious. 
   We definitely wanted something very sound.. Something that would last quite a few years!!
  Putting paint on the interior walls, or maybe new curtains… that was OK, it would certainly help make the caravan feel like ours.
We were aware that we’d have to thoroughly check a second hand caravan over.  Make sure everything works inside, and underneath. Make sure the “body” was structurally sound.
Also, we'd probably be travelling some long distances.. there was definate merit in buying a brand new caravan we figured.
  We are now the owners of a brand new caravan. 
We had our very first trip away last weekend..  It didn’t take us long to adjust to driving with a caravan again. It was fun mingling with other caravanners..
   We've just been studying the calendar, and making notes of when the public holidays are..  How nice that we no longer have to book motels in advance.
We can, with minimal planning check out all the scenic spots.. we can go visiting, or even fishing.. Just because the weather forecast sounds so good.